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Animal bags!
April 7, 2012, 10:41 am
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I know these might look a bit ghetto, but the paper bag animals are perfect for toddlers. Ignore the pink and yellow bunnies. They are hellish! Trust me.

Our new local library is great. They have weekly song and story times, and unlike the libraries of my youth, kids are encouraged to explore, talk loudly, and have fun.

This past Thursday story time was replaced by crafts – we aren’t Christian, so Easter isn’t particularly on our radar, but then I suspect these bunny crafts also probably do not frequent church alters.

You need a small paper bag, some newspaper, crayons, glue, a bit of coloured card or paper, and cotton for a tail.

Colour your animal face. Stuff it with crumpled newspaper (bonus time if your kids elect to chop up the newspaper with their beloved scissors first!) and glue shut. Stick on ears, feet, and tail.

These were actually super fun and the kids could do most of it on their own. We will definitely be making more animals soon!

Red elected to stuff his bunny with a cardboard tray – totally confident it would work – and he was right. He was so proud of this bunny he carried it everywhere and it even went in our shopping trolley afterward! Yellow was more concerned with using the colour yellow as much as possible! She seems more interested in making things, while he seems more interested in the end product.

Either way is great because both are simple, fun, and cute with this great little craft!

(As an aside, you can also use libraries to check out books. Who knew? Both kids got their very first library cards this week. I can’t believe they are this old! They navigate the book check out machines like old pros. Sniff/beam.)


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That is a totally cute craft. The kiddos did a great job. Isn’t it amazing how different kids can be and how important different things are to different kids?

We go to the library often these days, unfortunately their story/craft time is right during nap so we don’t make it very often for that. We just check out a lot of books. If your library offers reserving from their website use it and use it often. I find books I want to get for Lil from blogs and recommendations (look to my blog soon for books we love, sorry if this is tacky, but this might make me actually post something) and look them up on their site and reserve them. The library emails me when my books are ready and I can just run in and grab them. Of course it’s more fun for Lil to get to look around and we do that a lot, but sometimes I want specific books and the reserve system works great.

Comment by jinxyisms

OMG, I think somehow the internets just ate my long reply. Grrrr.

Let’s see…That is an adorable craft. The kiddos did a great job with it. It’s it amazing how different kids care differently about the same thing and how they attack the task differently.

We go to the library often and love it. Unfortunately our story/craft time is right during nap so we don’t get to go to it very often, but we check books out all the time. I have a basket in our book corner just for library books so I can keep them straight. 🙂
If your library offers reservations from their website use it, it’s great. I get a lot of recommendations from blogs and twitter and go to the library site and look them up, if they have it I reserve it and get an email when the book is ready for me. Of course Lily prefers to look around and choose the books herself, and we do a lot of that, but I love being able to get a specific book all ready for me.

We aren’t Christian either and last year we decided to address easter the same way we do christmas. We do it all as family time and don’t include any of the jesus stuff. Just eggs painted and crafts done (and for christmas a few gifts and all of the tree/stocking decorations). It works out great.

Comment by jinxyisms

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