Happy Home Edders

Best thing ever!
April 19, 2012, 9:42 am
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I am really behind with this blog all because of this entry! I don’t like to post multiple pictures from my phone because it lumps them all together, and I knew I had tonnes of great pictures of this activity, so I wanted to wait till I had a second to turn on the laptop. Unfortunately, I forgot all the pictures were my kids only in nappies….and while I am known to be an oversharer, I’m not keen to share naked pictures of my kids. No matter how cute!




ANYWAY. This is the world’s greatest activity – both Orange and Yellow adore it. They spent the morning at their Nana’s a couple of weeks ago (while Mama and Mummy had a date!) and she was quickly enticed to let them cut stuff up. Straws appear to be the best thing to cut. Ithink it’s because when they get chopped they sometimes fling into the air all crazy like, and both Yellow and Orange find that hilarious.

We tend to hold either end of the straws and let the kids cut away. We then, of course, are left with myriads of tiny straw fragments. Some get channelled into rubbish truck play – but now that we’ve discovered the awesome joy of threading them on pipe cleaners, the poor rubbish truck isn’t going to be used to recycle straws anytime soon.

Seriously, though. Straw fragments and pipe cleaners. THEY LOVE IT.


Above is an example of a finished product. They seem to like the sense of accomplishment, and I’m pretty amazed that they have the fine motor skills to hold the pipe cleaner in one hand and thread a straw with the other in two seconds flat! Other obvious uses for these beauties are bracelets, crowns, necklackes – and my new favourite invention, glasses! They look like superhero masks, seriously.


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