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Going it alone…together.
March 10, 2012, 2:14 pm
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A couple of days ago I took the kids to soft play on my own. If you don’t have twins, you may not get what a big deal this is.

When you have kids of different ages, one might be old enough to not be a constant danger to themselves….or one might be small enough that they are in a sling, or just sitting on the floor immobile and smiling. Twins are fantastic for a lot of reasons – as I type they are giving each other a huge hug – but they left me in a weird place from about 12 – 24 months.

The I-won’t-go-anywhere-on-my-own-without-a-reccy-first. While I am a laid back parent – letting my kids run, explore, and wander to their heart’s content – I did have some fairly strong opinions on what sort of places were suitable for toddler twins. Ones that were secure, in a manageable space, good visability, and okay for a disabled parent. Soft plays generally do not fall into any of those categories.


But we decided to give it a try.

And while we had our share of mini-disasters, something really shone out: my kids look out for each other. Orange got his foot stuck in a cargo net he was crawling across. I heard a bit of crying and as I made my way over to the climbing frame, I heard another little voice pipe up.

‘I’ll save you, Orange! I’m coming. I’ll help you!!!’  And she did. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, and by the time I’d crawled/climbed/cursed my way to them, he was free and she had her arms around him, kissing his cheek.

About an hour later, she went down a slide, got hurt, and then just froze. She was screaming for me. I was incredibly sore and knew it would take me ages to get to her. I looked at Orange in desperation and said, ‘Can you go help Yellow? Find her and help her come back out to me.’

He took off running, and I limped behind to yet again try to get access to them (no, we aren’t going on our own again any time soon! It’d be fine for an able bodied person, but I’ll give it another six months….).  I hauled my giant mama arse through the place, and I’d barely gotten in before I saw him holding her hand and pointing the way. She’d stopped crying, they stuck together, and he brought her right to me.

I love these kids.