Happy Home Edders

April 5, 2012, 9:10 am
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One of Yellow’s signature phrases is ‘yummy in my tummy.’ This led naturally to a little game…

She was drinking water. I lightly touched her lips and made up some crazy song about water going in her mouth. I then tickled down her throat, her tummy, her bladder, and then finished the song with an overly enthusiastic reference to a ‘great big wee.’

She was quite taken with this. During meals now she says, ‘Where’s my food gone? Oh no! Where is it?…….IN MY TUMMY!’

I didn’t plan to explain this little bit of anatomy and bodily function to her. I was just playing.
Experiences like this really highlight the knowledge that can come from ‘just’ playing. Most of the times in my life things have meant a lot, and I’ve retained them, has been when I am simply doing something I like to do, because I choose to do it.